Monday, September 26, 2011

Hyderabad india pictures 9-26-2011

        Elder Worton's washing machine.
                     The bedroom where all five of the elders sleep.
      Elder Worton's first companion in the field. Elder Sampara.
The main street outside elder Worton's appartment in Hyderabad. The little white truck is what they mainly use to get around.

Elder Worton's apartment in Hyderabad India

                The tent city outside of Kade's apartment window...
                     Elder Worton's kitchen sink.
         Elder Worton's shower and toilet. he said there was no toilet paper just a hose to rinse off.

Second continued letter 9-26-2011

Ya the power is weird its random but we only have electricity in the apartment for like 70% of our days so it gets hot when it goes out and one of our ac units is out but supposed to get fixed today so thats good. o and Dad out apartment is about the size of kaillee's and kents but there is 5 of us  in there for a while one leaves soon and the whole place is sososososos dirts it is grose i want to clean it but i dont know where to start and all the indians are not clean people because the have lived here there whold life so ya it wont stay clean O ya and they all came fron the same city even the same church branch back home so they are all best friends and they go off in there language and im just like O K im just going to chug some of my sprite haha its kinda weird but ya its all good.
Um lets see what else they dont use tolit paper here they have a hose lith a sprayer head comming out of the wall and you hose you butt off its really weird but ya you can just infur the groseness of that hose.
O also this is retarded we get here and they decided to tell us that we can only have 50 pounds of luggage for our transfers since eachone is by plane they let me take all my stuff for the first plane ride to hyderbad but now i half to get rid of half my stuff for the rest of the 2 years which is fine if they would have let us know but now its all here any i half to just leave it at the apartment when i loeave i guess i was quite mad about that.
traffic here is insane you just start walking across the road and they swerve away from you i will take a viedo of an auto ride one day and send it to you its nuts and they will stuff like 8 people in one auto and then just fly through traffic and you think your going to die but i havent yet and im getting used to it accept the whole look the oppisite direction when your crossing the road than usual i forget sometimes and automaticly look the american way its weird.
All in all I am adjusting more and more each day it is getting so much better just in thi8s first week i am starting to like it here accept the food not sure what im going to do about it yet probably get very skinny but we will see. I hope youguys are all good and tell reese and liv i loved there letters that so cool there doing so well in all there activities o and i did get myke and dad somthing form london not sure when i will have time to send it but i will some time and i guess peace out i will try to attach some pics to a third email if i have time love you all Elder worton.

First letter from Hyderabad India 9-26-2011

Hey family how are yall india is pretty crazy place. This week has been somthin special to say the least the first few days of the MTC were hard but i half to say the First few days in the field are 1000 times harder. I asume Port Myke and Kent know what im talking about it is so weird to be here and be in a new world where everything is new from the food to the cars to the people and the new language called Indian english aka they cant speak english at all like a 10 word vocab on average. This place is so dirty like take the worst place you have ever been and dubble everything is so nasty and my whole world stinks twenty for seven it just smells like garbage truck everywhere you go it is not helping especially because most the time i am about to puke because i just ate indian food which is so nasty i ate only that for the first three days here then i couldent take it any more and was very sick i dident eat anything for the next 24 hours to let my stomach recover and then i went and bought a box of cereal which is hard to find and very expensive here compared to there food and then some bread and peanut butter and honey im saved. but ya it is so weird here all the cars here are small and about eighty percent desiel cars everything from the trucks to the small cars and i have never seen the company there made by.
Any ways church was so different here they dont know the tune of the songs so the music sounds terrable and in class they say it in english then repet every thing in teligue it is the language every one speaks here. But at the same time church was so good for me to see that they really are the same here and feel the same spirit that we do they are such a quiet people but they are so sweet they know its true and they have so much faith to be members here where the church is so small taht you know that they are truly converted if they keep coming. My companion is elder Sampara he is a good kid he has only been out for three months but he is from india a city thats in our mission so he knows what he is doing here he can be a bit bossy and talks to me like im 5 sometimes with his pretty good english and it kinda irritates me but i tell him where to get off when it gets bad enough that it really bugs me. I live in an apartment with four Elders all of which are indian and so it is a bit nerve racking when i just want to talk to someone regular that understands me and i understand them like in america and none of them can especially because we have spent so much time in out apartment cooped up because in the city im in ever since i got here they are having some political war over which state should get hyderbad and so they have what they call (bunt) and the auto's, trains and busses dont run they protest and if they do run people run around and smash there windows so concequently we are on restriction we can only do member apointments and teach people if they come to the church because we cvant travel and they cant travel and werer not aloud to go tracting due to conditions so we do a lot of sitting in the apartment all day. But i have gotten lots of time to read and its been good when it was hard the first few days i turned on my music loud in the apartment and read jesus the christ for like three and a half hours strait and it really helped me wrap my head around things that book is amazing. (ps thanks for the music Myke) im going to send this much and then send more because the power goes on for a coupel hours in the city then off for a coupel so ya i might loose this if i dont send it. 

Elder Worton's first apartment and first companion. Hyderabad India

                      Elder Worton eating in his apartment in Hyderabad India.
         Elder Worton's VERY dirty kitchen in Hyderabad.
             Elder Sampara and Elder Worton
                      One of the other elders in the apartment in Hyderabad India

Thursday, September 22, 2011

 New India missionares with President and Sister Funk!!
 Breakfast at the mission home in Bangalore!
 Elder Worton with his first companion in India Elder Sampara!!
 Elder Worton's first Indian meal!!
the new American Elders in bangalore India!!

September 21, 2011 Elder Worton has arrived in India!!!

Dear family of Elder Worton,
President Funk and I greeted Elder Worton early (4:30 am) Wednesday morning at the airport in Bangalore.  We are so grateful that he has been called to serve in our wonderful mission.  Elder Worton is very teachable and expressed appreciation for the things he learned from his companion during our orientation and new missionary training meeting.
During our new missionary training meeting he met his companion, Elder Sampara.  Elder Worton will serve in Hyderabad in the Madinaguda 2nd Branch.  During our meeting Elder Worton bore his testimony.  He said, "Even though I don't know the culture and how things work here it doesn't matter because I will learn it.  What matters is if I have the faith so that the Lord will bless our efforts.  I love the gospel."
I have attached some pictures of Elder Worton and some information that will be helpful for families of missionaries from the United States.
Love, Sister Funk

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday September 14, 2011

Hey fam how are yall this week has been so good it flew by so much faster than the last one and i leave to india in 4days so ya im super stoaked i dont know if kent or myke told you but im going to chicago and then a 4and a half lay over then to LONDON and another 4 or 5 hour layover and then banglore so ya i leav monday morning at 8 from the mtc and i get there wendsday morning so ya long 2 days but i probably will be able to call you guys at the slat lake airport that morning so ya it lill prob be between 9 and 11 but im not positivei can even call yet but i think i can.
this week has been so cool too i have learned so much about the church just like facts and better knowing the stories than i ever have its amazing how much we dont know haha but ya its been cool and we teach people that come in and act like investagators and it is so cool to see how it might be when we get there and how the spirit can really drive the lesson to somthing you completly were not planning on teaching. anyways this week has been cool we sang in the chiour at the tuesday night devotional and M. Russell ballard ended up being the speaker it was so cool his talk was nothing crazy orearth breaking but it was a good testament to me that the church is the same everywhere you go even india it was so cool. also we have been getting ready to leave we got ons shot that was some Japanize stephalitus and we all half to get another one on thursday and we had a doctors apointment about the health there and our malaria but we are just taking doxycycline so ya that cool because my face will be real clear the whole time haha.
Um i have seen danny lots since he came in and he is doing amazing with the language he told me the baptisimal commitment in norwigian yesterday it was super cool also his family sent me a big package or candy and kneaders pumpkin bread and letter so ya keep him in mind while he is here for 9 weeks and send him somthing.
Well i got to go but love you all the foto album was awsome and i guess the next time i read your email it will be on some computer in banglore so ya india here I come!!!!!!!!

P.S. I still have no drivers licence and would love to have one so i can get to india so ya the next two days is the last days i will get mail because then its the weekend and then i leave monday morning so ya that would be nice haha love yall.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday September 7, 2011

hey fam whats up its my first P day and so ya the packages have been super fun thanks so much for the good treats tell sister holdman her bread was unreal. Well the MTC has been alright i am sooooo glad im only here for two more weeks i just dont do well with the whold idea of not being able to go and do somthing if i want to but ya its all good other than that. The food is alright i wouldent say that it is unreal or anything but its not terrable so ya im surviving. um i loved the letters from reese and liv they were so fun. um i have seen lots of people here that i know and i just say danny walking in from his car with his family and stopped and talked to him for a coulpe minnets and took some pics so that was cool i think that we are going to have our classed pretty close to eachother so i will probably see him quite a lot. un lets see what else the classes have been good im learning tons and we have had so many good firesides and sunday meetings that a quorm of the seventy spoke at all were very good. um i dont think i have noticed any thing that im missing yet other than the stuff you guys were going to send me so i figure they havent come quite yet so ya. Um i say kent and talked to him that was cool and a bunch of kids that live on the same floor as me are his students and tell me how funny he is and that they love him haha. um my roomates are cool i think my letter isent youguys tells more about them so you can read it i put it in the mail on saturday but the weekend and then monday holiday it prob dident get to our house till like today so i may be reepeating some stuff but other than that i cant think of much else to tell you guys so ya love ya family. sorry for the spelling i was in a hurry.
o can you send me peopels emails too so i can just email then especially porters thanks peace out
P.S. Olivia you better go kiss bruce and tulip right now o and i have a pic of tulip on my camera but not bruce so that would be nice too haha