Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday September 7, 2011

hey fam whats up its my first P day and so ya the packages have been super fun thanks so much for the good treats tell sister holdman her bread was unreal. Well the MTC has been alright i am sooooo glad im only here for two more weeks i just dont do well with the whold idea of not being able to go and do somthing if i want to but ya its all good other than that. The food is alright i wouldent say that it is unreal or anything but its not terrable so ya im surviving. um i loved the letters from reese and liv they were so fun. um i have seen lots of people here that i know and i just say danny walking in from his car with his family and stopped and talked to him for a coulpe minnets and took some pics so that was cool i think that we are going to have our classed pretty close to eachother so i will probably see him quite a lot. un lets see what else the classes have been good im learning tons and we have had so many good firesides and sunday meetings that a quorm of the seventy spoke at all were very good. um i dont think i have noticed any thing that im missing yet other than the stuff you guys were going to send me so i figure they havent come quite yet so ya. Um i say kent and talked to him that was cool and a bunch of kids that live on the same floor as me are his students and tell me how funny he is and that they love him haha. um my roomates are cool i think my letter isent youguys tells more about them so you can read it i put it in the mail on saturday but the weekend and then monday holiday it prob dident get to our house till like today so i may be reepeating some stuff but other than that i cant think of much else to tell you guys so ya love ya family. sorry for the spelling i was in a hurry.
o can you send me peopels emails too so i can just email then especially porters thanks peace out
P.S. Olivia you better go kiss bruce and tulip right now o and i have a pic of tulip on my camera but not bruce so that would be nice too haha


  1. Awww, sounds like a busy, motivated missionary! Sounds great! Love that he bothered to apologize for the spelling! Ha ha! What a great missionary!

  2. Just Be Us is Cindy (& Lorin) Beus, btw ;)