Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday September 14, 2011

Hey fam how are yall this week has been so good it flew by so much faster than the last one and i leave to india in 4days so ya im super stoaked i dont know if kent or myke told you but im going to chicago and then a 4and a half lay over then to LONDON and another 4 or 5 hour layover and then banglore so ya i leav monday morning at 8 from the mtc and i get there wendsday morning so ya long 2 days but i probably will be able to call you guys at the slat lake airport that morning so ya it lill prob be between 9 and 11 but im not positivei can even call yet but i think i can.
this week has been so cool too i have learned so much about the church just like facts and better knowing the stories than i ever have its amazing how much we dont know haha but ya its been cool and we teach people that come in and act like investagators and it is so cool to see how it might be when we get there and how the spirit can really drive the lesson to somthing you completly were not planning on teaching. anyways this week has been cool we sang in the chiour at the tuesday night devotional and M. Russell ballard ended up being the speaker it was so cool his talk was nothing crazy orearth breaking but it was a good testament to me that the church is the same everywhere you go even india it was so cool. also we have been getting ready to leave we got ons shot that was some Japanize stephalitus and we all half to get another one on thursday and we had a doctors apointment about the health there and our malaria but we are just taking doxycycline so ya that cool because my face will be real clear the whole time haha.
Um i have seen danny lots since he came in and he is doing amazing with the language he told me the baptisimal commitment in norwigian yesterday it was super cool also his family sent me a big package or candy and kneaders pumpkin bread and letter so ya keep him in mind while he is here for 9 weeks and send him somthing.
Well i got to go but love you all the foto album was awsome and i guess the next time i read your email it will be on some computer in banglore so ya india here I come!!!!!!!!

P.S. I still have no drivers licence and would love to have one so i can get to india so ya the next two days is the last days i will get mail because then its the weekend and then i leave monday morning so ya that would be nice haha love yall.

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