Monday, September 26, 2011

Second continued letter 9-26-2011

Ya the power is weird its random but we only have electricity in the apartment for like 70% of our days so it gets hot when it goes out and one of our ac units is out but supposed to get fixed today so thats good. o and Dad out apartment is about the size of kaillee's and kents but there is 5 of us  in there for a while one leaves soon and the whole place is sososososos dirts it is grose i want to clean it but i dont know where to start and all the indians are not clean people because the have lived here there whold life so ya it wont stay clean O ya and they all came fron the same city even the same church branch back home so they are all best friends and they go off in there language and im just like O K im just going to chug some of my sprite haha its kinda weird but ya its all good.
Um lets see what else they dont use tolit paper here they have a hose lith a sprayer head comming out of the wall and you hose you butt off its really weird but ya you can just infur the groseness of that hose.
O also this is retarded we get here and they decided to tell us that we can only have 50 pounds of luggage for our transfers since eachone is by plane they let me take all my stuff for the first plane ride to hyderbad but now i half to get rid of half my stuff for the rest of the 2 years which is fine if they would have let us know but now its all here any i half to just leave it at the apartment when i loeave i guess i was quite mad about that.
traffic here is insane you just start walking across the road and they swerve away from you i will take a viedo of an auto ride one day and send it to you its nuts and they will stuff like 8 people in one auto and then just fly through traffic and you think your going to die but i havent yet and im getting used to it accept the whole look the oppisite direction when your crossing the road than usual i forget sometimes and automaticly look the american way its weird.
All in all I am adjusting more and more each day it is getting so much better just in thi8s first week i am starting to like it here accept the food not sure what im going to do about it yet probably get very skinny but we will see. I hope youguys are all good and tell reese and liv i loved there letters that so cool there doing so well in all there activities o and i did get myke and dad somthing form london not sure when i will have time to send it but i will some time and i guess peace out i will try to attach some pics to a third email if i have time love you all Elder worton.

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