Monday, October 17, 2011

Letter From Elder Worton October 17, 2011

Hey Yall,
So this week has been great it seems like just yesterday that I sent my last E-mail to you guys. We had a family that is our strongest investigators come to church for a second week in a row this week so next Sunday they are planning to get baptized so that is super exciting and we have many others who are getting close. Dad sorry no time to write you back individually but yes we did finally get to to door to door approaches this week also most of the people we talk to we first ask if they are christan or not and if there not we just say ok thanks and ask if they know where any Christan families live because otherwise they don't let us in and we still half to be careful about the whole door knocking thing so ya.Lets see what else O ya how much did the birthday package cost to send ???? and how big was it approximately because i want to maybe send a small Christmas package yo yall which brings up how do I use the UPS code you gave me exactly ??
Any ways What else here are some more random things i thought of this week to tell you guys that might be interesting to read. They all love justin beeber, Akon, and Usher here haha it so funny like grown men have Beeber songs as there ring tones. O and we went to KFC ya i know its like the worst fast food of all the fast food but all they have is KFC or MacDonalds so ya but while we were there they were playing American music and it was so nice we were with the other elders in our zone so the three of us Americans just sat there and loved the music. We rode in a members car the other night and it was a Suzuki Swift kinda looks like a Kia soul but its a diesel of coarse and we take off and its making a turbo sound All the three other elders that i live with are like what is that sound and I say it sounds like a turbocharger haha the driver looks at me and is like ya that's exactly what it is it ya lets just say I want a Swift its a turbo diesel and there money sounding. Dad also to answer another question no none of the elders I live with have ever done any of the kinds of sports I have they literally lived in such humble circumstances they love the mission because they get AC in the room they sleep in none of there families have ever owned a car just motorcycles and they have only ever played cricket yes i played once by the way. But ya there are just so many people here that they half to do with what they have like they only do one sport cricket they only eat one food Rice and some sort of sauce. O and one of the elders really wants to go to the USA mostly because he has heard the stories of Black Friday and dreams of getting a laptop on black Friday or just a laptop at all haha its funny to hear there view of the USA things they hear like black Friday and Las Vagus and stuff they reprieve it so different than it is. Lets see what else Wild life Iv seen a Cow Goat Cat Dog Chicken all of those are all over the place just strays that roam the streets with nasty diseases other than that rats lizards and frogs haha nothing like tiger or elephant but if this BUNT stops some day we can go to the Hyderabad zoo and supposedly i can ride and elephant there?? who knows how much it  will cost though OOOOO I ALMOST FORGOT DID I LEAVE MY CAMERA CHARGER AT HOME I CANT FIND IT ANY WHERE I THOUGHT I FORE SURE HAD IT BUT CANT FIND IT ANY WHERE A NEW ONE FROM THE SHOP BY US IS 1800 RUPEE OR LIKE ALMOST 40 DOLLARS SO YA?????????
PS hand shakes here are so weird no one will actually squeeze your hand you just like touch hands kinda weird.
PS dad and Devin happy best Month of the Year love you both and thought of you on your Birthdays there even written in my planner haha
PS All the recipies you send are in American Units here all liquids are in mm and other things so ya i did some guessing but we do have one measuring cup that has a 1/4 cup line so ya hahaha
PS I want a Kneaders french toast, Baconator meal, and Rodesio grill the second day im back because the first day will be mamas cooking then those o and we did have dominos this week sososososossosos good.O and i made brownies (from box But still good ) and No bakes came out pretty good as well haha
PS some random street that we liv by one day i see a bran new Porche Cayann then ten min later a new Autti S5 then an hour later a BMW 535 parked at the end its so weird that way haven't seen anything like that then one day see all three within an hour


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