Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3, 2011 first of two emails

Hey yall I dont have much time this week so I cant read all your emails before I write back because today we had to travel one hour by train to the main city of Hyderabad to register me in some FRRA thing i guess it is something with our visa and today was the last day to do it so we have been gone all day doing that. I also found out today that i live in the (OUT SKIRTS) of the city the down town part that we went to today was very much more modern than my area there were nice big buildings and a pizza hut, KFC, Golden arches, even a mall but ya where i live there is no american influence and no nice big buildings just small street markets and one main road with dirt roads everywhere else. Lets see what other interesting things did I learn this week Lets see men here hold hands all over the place and it is super creepy looking but i guess that it is just a friendship thing and nothing gay at all so ya that was weird Yet a hug is a huge deal here and you do not hug people unless your like getting married so ya just different customs.Another
Another thing i really noticed this week was how white I am I think the first week I was just in shock and didnt notice but this week I started Noticing that everyone looks at Me and I mean everyone also little kids all run up to me and yell HI then run away laughing its really weird. Although I did see one white person this week at church I look over and there is this one random white girl in the back corner right after the meeting got over she walked straight up to me and talked to me she was from salt lake and here for two weeks on business so that was cool to talk to an american. Um lets see my BIRTHDAY haha it was a good day when i woke up elder Boddu who lives in the apartment with me had bought a piece of chocolate cake and had put a candle in it haha it was so funny and then they sang to me. then later that day the same elder makes this famous banana bread and so he made me a birthday loaf and we went to the church and the senior couples came too and we had a mini birthday party there it is a weird tradition here that when you cut the cake everyone there need to hand feed you one bite before you can eat the cake so ya i had like fifty people stuff food in my mouth that day it was super weird for me but ya a good day. Im not sure if i have told you about the couples missionaries or not but i will again they are so nice they are in our branch the madina guna 2ed branch and they are the first couple missionaries from north India EVER to go on a mission. they are so cool they feed us and we hang at there place a lot because we cant go tracking or even do street contacts still we have lots of extra time some days so we go there and she makes us food. Her food is so good too especially for me because in North India they cook very mild compared to here so she had just potatos and cheese balls and this gravy stuff and it was the best tasting meal i have had yet. O that reminds me for lunch on my birthday a member invited us for lunch the dad is a return missionary and they were so sososos nice they wanted to feed me american food but they dont really know what that is so i get there and they had rice and curry for the other three then for me they had made a whole pot of mashed potatos and a pot of gravy it was amazing I was so happy they did not half to do that for me but as I have said before they are a people who will do anything just to please you. 

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