Monday, October 24, 2011

Letter from India October 24, 2011

Well this week has been amazing we had our first baptisms as a companionship and I performed both it was the family that you heard about that had been coming to church I was so cool and it all went smooth accept when I Dipped the wife into the water she came up gasping for air turns out she is not much of a swimmer and very afraid of the water but other than that it was all good and we were very excited if i have time I will send A Pic of Us on that day.
What else that was obviously the highlight of my week but we did do some other stuff We just got done with bowling for P day that was fun i had to show everyone superman bowling where you run and slide on your stomach then push the ball ya they all thought i was nuts the Indian elders would never do something like that they do not understand that kind of fun sometimes but we are changing them and they were all trying different kinds of bowling by the end haha it was a good day.
What else O i am getting fat like seriously I have eaten so much rice and so little meat that i am developing this weird thing called a gut.
um let see what else I have noticed so much but i forgot my note pad so i cant remember it all so ya I guess India is just crazy as usual and i am getting better at eating the food.
any ways i will write more next week love you all peace out.
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