Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 10, 2011

Hey Yall
Its Elder Worton from India i survived yet another week this week has actually flew by we had to travel by train to another city three days of the five Monday and Tuesday we went for the FRRO office for registration because Im Fron the U.S. and yes it took two days full days inclooding travel lets just say they don't like missionaries here much. We met a guy from the mission office there and he told us what we had to do and say the best part was if they asked why we were here we were to say "we are teaching piano lessons and English at the churches location" ya it was kinda a weird situation and they were very skeptical to OK us but we got it done and were all good. the next day we had to travel to the same city for district meeting and we had quite a good time me and my companion haha. So we are on the train and as i said last week the trains are uncomprehendingly stuffed so we got separated enough that we couldn't see each other. But we had been to that city the previous two days so wen Begupet station came i got off just as we had the two days before well elder sampara did not so there i was in India all by my self in down town Hyderabad a city of about 10 million people a... but i know kinda where the chapel was so i started walking to it well this random Indian guy comes up and it talking to me as we walk come to find out he loves the US and really wants to go there. So we are talking and some how our conversation goes to how the USA puts out 90% of pornography and then he asks me do i love that there.... so ya i then proceeded to teach a small lesson on how bad that was and by the end of our talk he agreed with me that it was bad and he would not do it anymore. at this point we have walked about a mile he stops and says well this is my stop where are you going i said well to tell you the truth i have no idea and he looked at me quite puzzled i probably lost all validity at that point in his mind but he said OK well see ya then i guess. so ya i just kept walking i finally got to the street we had met at and got an auto to the church lucky the driver knew where it was. after a while my companion shewed up and ya he had an adventure of his own lets just say this was the super sort version of the story but ya good times.
this week had been good though i have been getting used to the food kinda at least im getting god at eating it wont say i enjoy it much but ya. Um we dedicated a guys new home ad it was cool they are not members but just wanted someone to bless the home i guess thats a big deal here and they treated us like pastors and then tried to pay us and we had to stop them but it was  a cool experience. I also got to give a recent convert a priesthood blessing because he was struggling with alcohol relapse and even though he only understands very minimal English after i was done with the blessing he stood up and said he could understand the part about how his family loves him and they are a supporting and preying for him and he said i know that what you said is true it was so cool to see that he had understood me but really the spirit was talking to him thats why he understood it so clearly.
We had four people show up to priesthood session so ya that was kinda weird but we had one investigator with us and it was perfect for him to hear all about prophets since that was what we had just taught him ten min before. All the sessions of confrence was very low attendence its weird here i feel like lots of times the church is just another christian church o members here and they dont take it serious but i am coming from Utah so ya i know thats why im here to help change that.
Let see what else this week lots more small things like oreo's here  I pretty much live off them but on the package they say the worlds best biscuit instead of milks favorite cookie haha ery thing here is a biscuit no cookies. o and the milk is in cardboard cartons warm when yo buy it tastes OK.
Everyone especially the Indian elders love LOVE beef jerky haha they devoured my bag when the heard i had some they dont sell that here if you did not noticed O and I had beef for the first time since i have been here today Beef Beriani ya spicy rice with fatty beef chunks it was good i guess
-O ps dad your emails are working just fine
-Ps President Monson quoted Tennyson haha
-pps kent i will send a pic of our apartment elevator it will bring back good memories haha
PPS porter thanks for the water proof ties they got well tested this week te rain came down and the floods came up
Mike thanks for the leatherman i fixed the shower with it today haha
Aubz andKailee you both happened to send me random funny stories that i loved thats what i miss most i really did LOL

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