Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3, 2011 Second of two letters

So the power goes out still a lot so i sent multiple sections so i dont loose it that also reminds me our power goes out every morning now so ya I get a Cold dark shower every day its real nice o and if that's not enough at night I sweat because our AC broke for the third time so ya the night are terrible right now. O that brings me to another thing i wake up every morning to like 50 more mosquito bites and im going to go crazy itching so one night i could not take it and took a bottle of deet 40% and sprayed a thick layer all around my bed on the wall one the head board everywhere and it smelled for like an hour but no more bites the next few nights very nice.
O lets see what else o this week there is still bunt and so we cant where tags or ties all week and if there are big groups gathered in the streets we half to turn around and go the other way it also does not help that it is the 9 day s of the yearly Hindu holiday October 1 to 9th is all holiday so they have been setting up these huge theaters and there are like strands of Christmas lights strung over the streets leading to these mini Hindu tempels and then they hook up huge speakers and blast music in some language through the streets all day its real nice haha
  we have had three baptism dates set but all three did not come to church this week so we are back to zero but we have lots of new investigators so thats good hopefully we can stay busy this week.
Lets see what else O never ever ever ever ride a public train in India it is so nasty they stuff about 300 people in a space that should be packed with 50 no joke if you fall down you get trampled and nobody notices. and people are hanging all over you it was horriable to say the least but ya just do not do it take my word.
General conference already happened I know but we will get it on DVD's in one week so ya im stoked to hear that.
O i have to tell you guys how we get chicken here so we went to go get chicken because my companion wanted to make what else? chicken curry of coarse but ya we go to a street vendor and ask for one KG of chicken so he brings our a skinned chicken like whole thing feet neck the whole chicken and chops it in half then sets it up on a cut off tree stump and just chops it up into pieces bones and all just with this huge knife then puts it in a bag and hands it to us it gets better then we go home and cook it right as were eating it im picking through the bones to get some meat off then when its over i have a stack of bones on my plate i look over at the other three and there are no bones on there plate so I say where is your waste?? turns out they just eat the bones..... Ya no joke they just crunch through them they like it they say i almost throw up and go to bed at that point haha so weird.
well got to go love you all till next week

O mom can you send me some simple recipes by chance like a very simple bread one and just others that could be helpful??
Reese congrats on the pine wood derby thats so sweet you are a winner i like that and that car looked super cool.
Olivia i hope thriller is going good thats so cool that you get two parts send me pics I really wish i could be there for that its the one thing that Im truly home sick about right now so do good Sis
O and porter this Mini bike thing is going to be hilarious also send pics of that  as it progresses.
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